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Did you ever want to have desert before you had the dinner? Eat the pie before you have the spaghetti? That is what we will be doing this morning with this passage. Reverse dinner!

Verse 50: “Salt is good” – salt preserves, salt heals, salt can save you when you are depleted and not able to have enough fluids, salt adds a flavor and brings out the flavor of what it is put on. Without salt things would not be able to exist. When we are depleted in the hospital quite often you are provided an intravenous saline drip to provide you fluids but also “salt”. The Lord is our salt. He saves us. He rescues us. He heals us. He preserves us. It is outside of ourselves and we cannot do it without him like “salt.”

Things that take away salt are being described in verse 43, 45, and 47, Outward sin of the hand, outward sin of the foot taking you places you should not go, outward sin of the eye as the entry way to the soul. The Lord Jesus teaches us in Luke: Luke 11:34  The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.  The entry point for the inner sin is the eye. If the eye is bad then our body is full of darkness as described above. The lamp of the body, the lamp that burns bright and clear, unhindered by black soot, bad oil, wind blowing it out or down, it burns bright clear and is well fed. It burns not with oil but by the salt!

The salt that is the Holy Spirit of God, the passage from Mark tells us about what it is like to go to hell. As a believer of Jesus I know, when he speaks he speaks absolute truth with full authority. He is speaking what it is like, what you shall be in it and never ending torment. It is truly hell. No one would want to go. This spurs us to tell others what it means not to believe in Jesus, the truth, the light and the way. The only way to the Father and we should never cause a little one to stumble. Our testimony should be we never caused someone else to stumble to fall away from faith, to possibly enter a road to hell.

How does this happen? What we see with our eyes. What we do with our hands. Where we go on our feet; when we are full of salt we want to provide mercy, love, long-suffering, joy, grace, all aspects of the Holy Spirit, and also we provide cold water in the name of Jesus to those that need a drink. A drink of the living water of the Lord and with the Gospel of Christ; Mark 9:40  “For he who is not against us is on our side. “


Once we start to know the Lord Jesus and His Holy Spirit can work something through us perhaps as a miracle, perhaps as a word of knowledge, perhaps as a prophecy, perhaps as a prayer, perhaps as a listener, perhaps as a friend in Christ, perhaps as a husband, perhaps as a wife, perhaps as a father or perhaps as a mother. We are all workers for Him. While we work for Him we cannot “lose his reward” as it says in verse 41. So when you see someone that is doing the works of Christ and you do not know him, you really do. He or She is a brother or sister in Christ working with the same Holy Spirit that saved you and pulled you out of hell. Sometimes these works are different but, if they are of Christ, that is OK as he is the salt that flavors us, heals us, preserves us, and rescues us.

“Sozo” (Save)! You save us, you heal us, you rescue us, you save us! Thank you Lord!

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