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When Peter confirmed that he was going to stand with Jesus no matter what, Jesus predicted that before the rooster would crow two times that Peter would deny him three times. Peter was confronted by a servant girl two times and he denied knowing Jesus and a third time by a group of people who recognized him as a Galilean because of his accent and he began to curse and swear that he denied knowing Christ. The rooster then crows a second time and Peter recalled what Jesus had said and he wept.


In uncertain circumstances, the Messiah that Peter thought was going to be the King of the Jews was taken, now Peter had no one to rely on, fear takes him over; what he had promised to Jesus now became meaningless.


Looking at our own lives how many times have we denied Christ because of the fear of men, we have made the decision to deny Christ and have decided to blend into society. It is easy to be strong spiritually when there are no adverse circumstances. I’m sure we’ve all done this. Yet, Jesus the Messiah knows our weaknesses and He knew Peter. Christ knows us as well; he sees our potential and just like Peter He has faith in us and loves us.


The next scene here is that of when the priest, scribes, and elders took Jesus bound in front of Pilate, accusing him of all types of crimes. Jesus confirmed that he was the King of the Jews when asked by Pilate. Jesus then remained silent in the midst of his accusers, like a lamb before the slaughter (Isaiah 53). Pilate then had a choice to make because he was accustomed to releasing one prisoner upon the Jews request during the Passover feast. There was one prisoner named Barabbas who had committed murder and when Pilate offered them the choice between Barabbas and Jesus (referred to as the King of the Jews) they demanded the release of Barabbas and the crucifixion of Jesus.


Our Lord loved us so much that He did not answer before his accusers; he remained faithful to the plan of God the Father and for him to die as the Lamb of God. This was to fulfill prophecy and to bring salvation to all. This is the greatest love shown to mankind. As Jesus spoke in John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”


Can Jesus call you friend? Have you accepted him as Lord and Savior? Have you accepted this gift of love for you?

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