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In this passage we find Jesus and the disciples after the Feeding of the Five Thousand. Jesus dismisses the crowd and sends the disciples across the lake in the boat while he stays behind and prays. In the middle of the night the disciples are struggling to get the boat across the lake because of a strong wind. It says that Jesus sees them struggling and starts to walk across the lake, the passage mentions that Jesus is going to pass them by.

Jesus sees their struggle and yet He is going to pass them by? Why would Jesus do that? It is not until the disciples call out to him that He states to them to not be afraid and He gets into the boat. The wind dies down immediately and they are amazed and marveled. The passage also mentions that they hadn’t grasped the miracle of the Feeding of the Five Thousand either.

Here are a group of men in close contact with Jesus but they don’t fully understand who He is or what He is doing.

The passage goes onto to say that when they get to the other side of the lake immediately people know who Jesus is and are bringing the sick to Him to heal. An interesting part of this passage mentions that they know if they but touch the hem of his garment they will be healed. In the chapter before is where we see the woman with the issue of blood has been healed. The news has gotten out that it only takes a touch of his garment for someone to be healed. Everyone who touched Him was made well.

These two accounts may not seem like they connect but if we look closely we can see that it is when we call out to Jesus that is when He reassures us He is there and He gets into our boats and calms our storms.

There does not need to be complete understanding of His purposes or plans only faith to cry out and know that He is the answer. The same is true when in faith we reach out to touch Him for healing in our lives or in the lives of those we love. It was simple faith that healed the woman with the issue of blood, it was simple faith the healed those who touched Him, and it is simple faith that causes us to cry out in the middle of our storms.

Today, all that Jesus is asking of us is to take steps of simple faith and He will be there to answers our cry and to bring us the healing we so desperately need whether that is physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

The Jesus we find in this passage is the same Jesus who desires to meet us at our point of need today.

Simply call out or reach out to Him and He will be there.

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