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Going up to Jerusalem following Jesus they were amazed and afraid because they did not know what was going to happen. He predicts his death and resurrection in vivid detail to his disciples. Jesus, as God, knew what the future was going to be.


Sometimes we as Christians, we enjoy the fellowship with one another, but we also don’t know what the future will be and have that fear but we can rest assured that God brings everything into our lives for a reason. It all has a purpose and He uses everything to mold us and make us more like Him.


Then a conversation begins between James and John, speaking to Jesus. They boldly asked Jesus to give them whatever they asked and Jesus asked them what they wanted, they wanted position in the Kingdom by being in the places of power at Jesus’ left and right hand. Jesus then asks them if they are able to drink from the same cup and have the same baptism He has, meaning can they partake in his suffering as well as the ministry He has done. Jesus tells them that indeed they will. Now the other disciples find out what James and John have asked and get upset, what about them? Jesus states that whoever wants to be first in the Kingdom will need to become a servant to all. Jesus then states He came to be a servant to all and to be a ransom to many.


From my personal life when Jesus came into my heart and then sat on the throne of my heart, I felt peace and I had a deep desire to serve other people. I have joy every time that I serve; I serve from a place of joy because of what He did for me.


In the body of Christ if each one of us has a servant heart like Jesus we will be blessed because we are willing to serve one another. Jesus wants us to be humble and gentle and to be sensitive to others.

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