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The breakdown of the God ordained family is one of the greatest sins of the modern world and of the modern church in the west.  We have fallen prey to the teachings of this world when it comes to these matters.  "Irreconcilable differences" have become the norm for divorce.  Gender manipulation and alternative lifestyles have run rampant in western society to the point that this is celebrated.  Worst yet, we have legislated within our government the breakdown of the God ordained family.  Is it any wonder why divorce is more common than a sustaining marriage?  Is it any wonder why children have no real mother or father to call their own?


I do not believe that there is an area where man's sinful nature is more at work that within family life.  That nature sees man focusing on his own needs, his own desires, while ignoring the needs and desires of the ones he is called to love the most on this earth.  This problem has existed from the beginning where we clearly see the work of the evil one in the midst of the family.  It is God's desire that no one would get a divorce.  I believe it is safe to say that in a marriage where both the man and wife are fully devoted to Christ, or in one accord with Him, that divorce in never an option.  I would venture to say that in modern times, these verses have been used to encourage divorce rather than to discourage it.


I believe that it is important to understand what God expects in a marriage.  For many people, including myself so many years ago, marriage is based on all the wrong reasons and if often a matter of convenience.  Marriage, which is a covenant relationship, depends upon two people remaining faithful to each other through the good times and the bad.  It is a testimony of the relationship that Christ has with His church.  Marriage serves as a testimony to the whole world that God's love and His never ending faithfulness can overcome all the temptations the world offers in order to do just the opposite.  Marriage teaches us about the proper relationship we are to have with one another as one in Him and with Him.  It is truly a covenant relationship.  It is much more than a matter of convenience, it is a testimony of God's work in human life.  As we continue to feed that relationship we have with Him, so we feed the relationship we have with our spouse.


Just as Jesus restores souls, His ministry is often to take that which is broken and make it whole.  His ministry is to break the chains of sin that lead to marital breakdown and restore the oneness with Him and one another which is required to bring marital bliss.  What divorce does is break down the very work of God in this world.  It causes pain and suffering and brokenness that does not serve as a testimony of God's saving and freeing work on this earth.


The other result of broken families are the broken lives of children.  Jesus called the children to Himself and blessed them.  A good marriage is a blessing to our children and will teach them the importance of a oneness with Christ and with one another.  We all like children, must be dependent upon our Savior, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to ones who are as little children.


Heavenly Father, does my marriage reflect the covenant relationship that Christ has with His church?  Am I seeking you first?  Do I understand the importance of a Godly marriage and have I shown that to my children?  Is my family a reflection of how much You mean to us? 


Thank you Lord for being the source and the center of my family’s existence. 


In Jesus' Name I pray.

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