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Mark 7:24-37 ... In this passage, two separate individuals personally experience Jesus' power.  The first is a woman, whose young/little daughter was possessed by an "unclean spirit" (Greek word "demonic"); the second is a man, who was deaf and had an "impediment in his speech" (Greek word "hardly talking").  The woman comes on her own and by herself; the man is brought by two or more people (vs 32).


The woman "begged" Jesus to drive the demon out of her little girl.  Did a friend tell her that Jesus was able to free people from demons?  Had she heard news reports of Him doing so?  Did she encounter obstacles as she made her way to Jesus and fell at His feet? (vs 25)  Would Jesus' response to her plea be a new obstacle? (vs 27)

Could there have been a family in the house, children eating at a table, pet dog(s) (perhaps a puppy?) under the table waiting for food to drop on the floor?  Could this be part of the reason Jesus chose to respond to her in this way?  Did the woman see the kindness in Jesus' eyes while He was saying these words?  He didn't tell her to leave; He didn't send her away or ignore her request.  When He finished speaking, she said, "Yes, Lord, yet/but..."  That word "Yes" in the Greek was a strong affirmation--"even so!"  Nothing could stop her from placing her complete trust in Jesus to do as she asked.  Jesus responds, "for such a reply" "for saying this" (vs 29).  The word "saying" goes beyond just the words spoken and brings in the thoughts and reasoning.  He had seen her mind working to find a way around what He had just told her; He saw her heart and her resolve that only He could do this.  Her little daughter was freed from the demon that had no choice but to do as Jesus (silently?) commanded.  Light had come into the darkness and the darkness had to flee!


Next, did the man know why those who brought him to Jesus were doing so?  Did he know that it was possible for Jesus to open his ears and loosen his tongue?   Was he watching Jesus' expressions when they were making their request?  He couldn't hear anything being said, but he could see.  Did he see Jesus' compassion as He looked at him?  Did he see Jesus' authority and power?  Was his heart pounding as Jesus took him away from the crowd?  Did he stare into Jesus' face as Jesus put His fingers into his ears and spit and touched his tongue?  Suddenly he could hear!  Suddenly he could speak!  Those who watched were overwhelmed with amazement that Jesus could and would heal. (vs 37)


Whether we come to Jesus on behalf of another, or we actually bring someone in need to Him, Jesus will always respond with kindness, gentleness, authority and power...perhaps surprising us with what He says or does.  When we come into His presence with our plea/request, will we lock eyes with Him, not even mentioning our plan for how He could/should/might answer.  Will we trust and watch Him with confidence as He commands demons to go [and they must!]; as He heals, recreates and restores.


Who do you know who needs to be brought to Jesus for healing or restoration?  What request will you bring for one who needs to be set free from the realm and spirits of darkness? 


Just as Jesus did 2000 years ago when He was physically in this world, He will do today from His throne in Heaven and through His Church on earth!  


Ask, bring, be overwhelmed with amazement!

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