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This portion of scripture is an interesting one as we look at the life of Jesus and who he chooses to surround himself with.

It may seem peculiar to us that he would choose a tax collector Levi, better known as Matthew to follow him. Tax collectors, the same as today, were not looked upon favorably in society. But in Matthew’s day it was probably even worse, he was considered to be a betrayer of his people serving the conquering empire instead of sticking up for his Jewish brothers and sisters. We may ask why he would have chosen such a profession. Security in an insecure world is what comes to mind for me and then I ask myself how many times have I chosen the wrong thing because I thought it would bring me security; money, relationships, or position. I can’t point a finger at Matthew without pointing one at myself.

Yet, Jesus saw Matthew for who he was, a man who would be willing to leave everything to follow Him.

We can imagine that there were those who thought Jesus was a bit crazy to choose someone like Matthew. He even took it a step further and decided to go to his house for a feast. Didn’t he know as a Rabbi these were not the type of people that he was supposed to be associating with, Sinners? Yet, Jesus does something completely unexpected and different than what was normal or expected. Jesus goes on to say that it is the sick who need a doctor not the well. He was called to minister to the unlovely, the unlikely, the sinners those are the ones who needed Him and are still the ones that need Him today.

Aren’t you glad that Jesus came to break the mold of all that had been and to do something different? I sure am and the rest of this portion of scripture points that out.

The reference to wineskins refers to the fact that you can put something new into something that is old, if new wine is put into old wineskins it will burst. Equally Jesus states that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. What is Jesus trying to say here? I believe that is that we all need to get used to the idea that Jesus came to do a new thing in the hearts and lives of people. I also believe that He is doing the same thing today.

I give all glory to God the Father that He sent Jesus to do a new thing in my heart and life. I have felt at times like I was the most unlikely of them all but God chose me and He has chosen you to fulfill His mission just like He choose Matthew to be one of his disciples.

Our challenge, is to leave everything that hinders us, whether that is things we find security in or our way of thinking and follow Him.


I pray today that each of you will be able to rely on Him who sees you for who you are and that you will be able to follow Him with your whole heart.


God bless you, my brothers and sisters.

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